Evaluating an educational program about compassion fatigue for mental health nurses


The Advanced Clinical Practice Fellowship (ACPF) program has provided me with a unique opportunity to learn about program evaluation and sustainability processes. This fellowship was completed full time in the fall and winter of 2017-2018 under the guidance and supervision of my mentoring team (Joanna Noonan, Manager of Occupational Health, Safety and Wellness KHSC, Dr.…

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Building Cultural Competence in Nursing to Enhance Patient Centered Care Amongst the Underserved and Disenfranchised

Bringing awareness to health care providers about the health disparities amongst underserved and disenfranchised populations is an important step to developing cultural competence. According to Srivastava (2007), there is a cultural clash between the Canadian healthcare system and the individual client’s values and beliefs, along with a failure on the part of the healthcare providers…

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Compassion 360: Transforming hospital culture using mindfulness and compassion

This project focussed on developing the resilience of HCPs through evidence-based mindfulness and compassion practices. She developed training and mindfulness communities of practice for her hospital. These programs help leaders, physicians, and frontline staff train their brains to focus on the present moment. This translates into a more resilient, compassionate, efficient, and effective workforce.

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