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Compassion 360: Transforming hospital culture using mindfulness and compassion

Dr. Andrea Frolic

Award: Phoenix Project Fellowship (2015)

Co-Sponsor: Hamilton Health Sciences

  • Provider wellness/resilience
  • Work environments

We cannot give to others what we don’t have for ourselves. Compassion 360 aimed to develop work environments that promote resilience, health, mutual respect, collaboration, and compassionate, person-centred care.

We know that patients feel better and heal faster when they receive compassionate care. We also know that human emotions can be contagious. So it’s reasonable that healthcare professionals (HCPs) are more likely to be compassionate towards patients and families if they work in a compassionate environment. In these environments, compassion flows not just from HCPs to patients, but also between colleagues, managers, clients/patients/families, and senior leaders. It’s also more available for self-care. 

Andrea’s project focussed on developing the resilience of HCPs through evidence-based mindfulness and compassion practices. With the support of a Compassion 360 advisory team, she integrated mindfulness and compassion into four aspects of her healthcare organization: 

  • Professional development and self-care
  • Leadership practices 
  • Teamwork 
  • The patient experience 

She developed training and mindfulness communities of practice for her hospital. These programs were designed to help leaders, physicians, and frontline staff train their brains to focus on the present moment. This translated into a more resilient, compassionate, efficient, and effective workforce.

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