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These two areas foster a Canadian healthcare system that's advancing technologically, while staying rooted in compassion and an understanding of our medical history. In each area, we support crucial activities in research education, leadership, and clinical practice.


Bringing compassion into modern, technology-driven care


The history of medicine

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AMS and RNAO announce free virtual conference

A new era in health care and in nursing has begun. COVID-19 has accelerated the adoption of virtual care delivery models in Canada. According to a Ipsos poll, in the next 10 years, Canadians envision a health system with health technologies powered by artificial intelligence (AI) – such as predictive analytics and robotics.

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Hearing Your Voices: A virtual conference

What have we learned about how technology shaped patient experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic?

In this virtual event, patients, families, and caregivers will share experiences of COVID-19. Hear engaging panelists and speakers, and  make recommendations for the design of a compassionate digital healthcare system. This is your chance to have your say and connect with others who are invested in making change happen in the healthcare system. This event is FREE. Registration opens in september.

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AMS thrilled with new Board appointments

Nick Busing, AMS Board Chair is pleased to announce the appointment of Vanessa Gruben and Kumanan Wilson as Members of the Board of Directors.

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What our friends and funding recipients say about us

“As a Hannah Chair, I will work to promote the discussion of the inherent, constitutional, Treaty and international rights of all Indigenous Peoples and communities; and the protection of traditional knowledge and medicines from appropriation.”

- Dr. Darrel Manitowabi, Hannah Chair in the History of Indigenous Health and Indigenous Traditional Medicine

“I’m thrilled to partner with AMS to study responsible innovation and artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare. Responsible innovation encourages us to engage a wide range of stakeholders to understand technology’s implications, including any unintended consequences.”

- Dr. Jay Shaw, 2018 Fellow