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  • Healthcare Professional Burnout and Resilience

    Is compassionate leadership an antidote for health care burnout?

    Can health care be a toxin for those providing care to others?  The drive for cost savings, the increasing complexity of care, the menace of electronic medical records and the emotional challenges of responding to patient suffering put health care professionals at high risk for burnout.  Today, burnout is common among all members of our health…

  • Healthcare Professional Burnout and Resilience

    Exploring the Interwoven Nature of Compassion & Self-Compassion

    I began my AMS Phoenix Fellowship by choosing to attend an indigenous cattail basket weaving workshop. I thought it would be fitting to stimulate my creative and aesthetic potential for the fellowship tasks ahead.  As you can see, I did not deem my skills to be basket-worthy (yet) and instead opted to create a mat.…

  • Patient Engagement

    What is the ‘use’ of patient engagement in organizations?

    Patient engagement as way to inform quality improvement is becoming more and more common. This is a process by which patients (and/or their family caregivers) are asked to use their experiences with health care to help improve policies and programs within organizations. While this form of engagement is related to the imperative for more informed…

  • Patient Engagement

    Our Humanity is the Greatest Healing Power we can Offer

    The personal experience of excellent, compassionate care convinces me that our humanity is the greatest healing power we can offer. When my Mom developed significant cognitive deficits, it became obvious that it was impossible for her to stay in her home. She had lived there alone for over 30 years, far from neighbours and the…

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