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Hearing Your Voices Conference Panel 1: The power of lived experience

Hear from patient partners who share their lived experiences and offer their suggestions on what makes a compassionate digitally enabled healthcare system.

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Hearing Your Voices Conference Panel 2: Is technology truly a solution?

Technology is often seen as critical to how health and healthcare evolve. This discussion explored areas where technology may be a good solution, but not the only solution. It also mentions where low-tech options might better serve patients, caregivers, and their healthcare partners.

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Hearing Your Voices Conference Panel 3: Digital Health: How do we get there together?

Concerns have been raised about equity in accessing digital healthcare and ensuring patients, physicians, and providers are supported to partner in care together. This panel explored the challenges and barriers and offered insight and expertise for drivers and solutions.

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Hearing Your Voices Conference Panel 4: How do we make it happen?

This panel discussed the support patients and caregivers need to fully engage with digital health technologies; the support providers need and how we prepare them for digital health technologies, and the leadership required to help us realize this future.

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Nursing and compassionate care in the age of artificial intelligence

This report outlines 15 recommendations to prepare nurses and nursing students to use artificially intelligent health technologies (AIHTs) to augment the patient experience, while ensuring the delivery of quality, person-centred, and compassionate nursing care.

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Empowering patients and caregivers in the era of digital health

This AMS-sponsored report is for patients and caregivers. It takes a look at health technologies (mobile apps, AI, electronic health records, etc.) to understand their benefits and risks (privacy concerns, equity and accessibility, etc.). It also explores the cultural changes needed before such technologies can be widely—and appropriately—implemented. Read it and you’ll be ready to help shape the way we incorporate digital health technologies into Canadian healthcare.

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Nursing and compassionate care in a technological world

This AMS-sponsored report digs into the implications of artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation, and robotics for the future of nursing and for nurses’ ability to provide compassionate, person-centered nursing care. If you’re an RN, RPN, or NP, this report is for you.

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The impact of artificial intelligence on clinical judgment

In this AMS-sponsored report, physicians and medical educators can learn about the current and potential links between AI and clinical judgment. It provides a clear explanation of how AI will likely support, but not to replace, the judgment of physicians.

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Machines, ethics and equity

Dr. Jay Shaw discusses how digital technology is used in healthcare today and how its use is impacting equity and ethics in medicine.

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Compassionate care in a technological world

Want to see examples of how technology is changing various professional roles in healthcare, or learn which issues we need to keep in mind in this context? View the presentation slides from this 2019 talk.

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