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A Supportive Action Plan for Patients, Caregivers and Organization

AMS Healthcare has put together this guide that outlines key messages and requests targeted to the various decision-makers and stakeholder groups with whom you may meet.

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Patient and Caregiver Report on Technology and Compassion During COVID-19

Using the data gathered from our 2020 Virtual Conference: Hearing Your Voices, AMS Healthcare has compiled a set of recommendations for ensuring healthcare remains compassionate in the face of technological advancements.

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Building Virtual Relationships

Drs. Alika Lafontaine and Brian D. Hodges discuss Building Virtual Relationships.

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Communities are taking the lead on vaccinating hot spots

The provincial system for booking vaccine appointments, which has been confusing and dysfunctional for many, can require resources and skills that those who are most vulnerable to contracting COVID-19 don’t always have.

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Saying Goodbye on FaceTime

Participating in that call was “gut-wrenching,” Shaikh said, but she realized that to maintain the emotional stamina she would need to make it through the pandemic, she would “have to change (her) perspective.”

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Virtual simulation in nursing education: Balancing care for the ‘failing heart’ and the ‘breaking heart’

Proponents of the simulations say they give students a solid foundation of technical and theoretical knowledge, but more importantly, they develop higher-level cognitive skills.

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Seniors with dementia in LTC homes are using virtual reality to relive their pasts

Caregivers and researchers hope that LTC residents who visit lifelike simulations of meaningful places from their pasts will recall old memories not yet motheaten by dementia, causing them to feel a sense of wistful joy, a swell of pride and to open up to others.

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Could AI make health care more human?

CHARTwatch, is a tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to continuously monitor the medical status of patients on Saint Michael’s General Internal Medicine unit.

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‘You need not be alone anymore’: The doctor redefining palliative care

Palliative care physicians were no longer on-call consultants or experts brought in only when it became clear that a patient was forgoing curative or life-prolonging medical treatment. They became a fixture of the emergency department.

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How one ER partnered with a mental-health organization to care for youth in distress

First-hand knowledge of what it’s like to struggle with mental illness and substance use – and what it takes to recover – complements the clinical expertise of the ER team.

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