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Our Focus Areas

These two areas foster a Canadian healthcare system that's advancing technologically, while staying rooted in compassion and an understanding of our medical history. In each area, we support crucial activities in research education, leadership, and clinical practice.


Bringing compassion into modern, technology-driven care


The history of medicine

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AMS Healthcare Announces the 2023 Cohort of Fellows in Compassion and Artificial Intelligence

AMS Healthcare is very pleased to announce our new cohort of Fellows in Compassion and Artificial Intelligence (AI). These 12 outstanding individuals, from across multiple disciplines, have been selected by an external expert review panel as leaders to address how compassion and technology will work together to address the exponential changes occurring in healthcare today….

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AMS Healthcare Announces 2023 Compassion and Artificial Intelligence Grant Recipients

AMS Healthcare is very pleased to announce the 2023 awardees in our Compassion and AI Grants funding program. These eightremarkable scientists in our 4th cadre of recipients, and their multidisciplinary teams, were selected by an external expert review panel and join the twenty-two other projects we have funded since its inception in 2020. Their collective work will…

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AMS Healthcare Announces the History of Healthcare 2023 Award Recipients

AMS is thrilled to announce our eleven 2023 research grant and fellowship award recipients joining the collective of over 55 historians that have been awarded since the program’s inception in 2015. The AMS History of Healthcare Awards Program promotes scholarship, teaching, and public interest in history of healthcare, disease, and medicine. It incorporates 3 types…

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The Future of Work: Embedding Technology in Compassionate Healthcare

AMS Healthcare would like to thank the dedicated healthcare leaders, including the exceptional patients and caregivers, that took the time to participate in our April 25th Conference at the Globe and Mail Centre in Toronto. From the keynote to the panelists to the incredibly engaged attendees, together as a community we dedicated our efforts to…

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Announcing the New Podcast Indigenous Medicine Stories: Anishinaabe mshkiki nwii-dbaaddaan

Indigenous Medicine Stories Podcast is a collaboration between AMS Healthcare and the Jason A. Hannah Chair in the History of Indigenous Health and Indigenous Traditional Medicine at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine University. Indigenous Medicine Stories aims to educate health professionals and the public about Indigenous healing. The podcast will highlight the lived experiences…

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New Fellowship Develops Human-Centred Leaders in AI for Health

Artificial intelligence promises to have a huge impact on Canadian health care –  and faculty at the University of Toronto’s Dalla Lana School of Public Health are working now to train leaders who can realize its benefits. In partnership with AMS Healthcare, DLSPH has launched The AMS-Fitzgerald Fellowship in AI and Human-Centred Leadership – the first…

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What our friends and funding recipients say about us

The AMS Fellowship is a step that can make all the difference. My AMS Fellowship gave me the opportunity to put the spotlight on compassion whenever I was speaking to learners, educators, colleagues and patients. It gave my passion a legitimate home and introduced me to a community of like-minded people.

- Dr. Mala Joneja, Queen's University

“I’m thrilled to partner with AMS to study responsible innovation and artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare. Responsible innovation encourages us to engage a wide range of stakeholders to understand technology’s implications, including any unintended consequences.”

- Dr. Jay Shaw, 2018 Fellow

AMS 2020 Fellow, Laura Desveaux, “I’m grateful that AMS sees the value in supporting my research to create a vision for the future of compassionate digital care.”

- Laura Desveaux, 2020 Compassion and Technology Fellow