Photo: Janet Lovegrove

Using Life Process Transformation™ (LPT) programs to build resilience

Janet Lovegrove

Award: Phoenix Project Fellowship (2012)

Co-Sponsor: McMaster University

  • Medical education and curricula
  • Provider wellness/resilience
  • Work environments

Janet knows that universities can play a vital role as ambassadors, helping students nurture their self-awareness and inner resources. In doing so, they prepare students to navigate the responsibilities and demands they’ll encounter in academic settings and future workplaces.  

In her role at McMaster University, Janet has pioneered work that focuses on the self-care and self-identity of healthcare professionals. She used the first year of her AMS fellowship to help nursing students learn how to meet their self-care needs. Fifty-six undergraduate nursing students had the opportunity to take part in full-day Life Process Transformation™ (LPT) workshops. Full-time faculty members also had the chance to experience either the workshops or a 16-week LPT program. The program gave participants the necessary time and space to discuss their challenges and stressors in a safe environment. 

In the second year of her fellowship program, Janet extended her work to other faculties including medicine, social work, and rehabilitation sciences. She also engaged with community partners. 

Students and faculty said that what they learned from LPT will help them cope with their educational and future career challenges, including staying resilient and avoiding burnout. 


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