Tara Tucker and Maryse Bouvette

Mitigating and managing compassion fatigue in health professionals

Tara Tucker & Maryse Bouvette

Award: Phoenix Project Fellowship (2012)

Co-Sponsor: The University of Ottawa

  • Medical education and curricula
  • Provider wellness/resilience

Compassion fatigue is the emotional and physical exhaustion that comes from caring for the sick and suffering. Tara and Maryse envision a day when learning about compassion fatigue, burnout, and self-care is an essential part of the educational curriculum for all health professionals. This is important because providing the best quality and compassionate care requires that healthcare providers have the resources, skills, permission, and ability to more fully care for themselves

When burnout and compassion fatigue are mitigated, health professionals can better care for those they serve. This fellowship focused on aspects of compassion fatigue such as: 

  • Understanding the prevalence of compassion fatigue in nursing and medical students 
  • Designing and implementing standardized training workshops


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