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Leading With Care in a Technological Age

May 11, 2021

Join authors Hodges, Strudwick and Martimianakis of the ground- breaking book “Without Compassion There Is No Healthcare” as they discuss the challenges threatening the healthcare system of today and tomorrow.

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AMS addresses compassion and AI in the age of COVID-19

The AMS Community has championed compassionate care in a technological world for some time, none more important than in the face of today’s pandemic.

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The core of compassionate care

I spend many hours every day thinking, writing, and meeting about care. Compassionate care. Equitable care. Person-centered care. Diverse providers of care. Care for diverse populations. How to teach compassionate care. How to teach social justice-oriented care. Whether curriculum can promote reflexive care. How to get faculty members to prioritize person-centered care. How to get…

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AMS Healthcare to support project aimed at helping seniors age in place

The vast majority of seniors dread the prospect of living in institutionalized settings and would rather age in place. Trends suggest Canadian seniors are increasingly moving to urban areas, with many choosing to downsize into apartments or condos in order to remain living independently.

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Partnership between Joint Centre for Bioethics and AMS Healthcare to shape the future of artificial intelligence in Canada’s health system

Partnership between Joint Centre for Bioethics and AMS Healthcare to shape the future of artificial intelligence in Canada’s health system. A new partnership with AMS Healthcare is supporting the University of Toronto Joint Centre for Bioethics (JCB) accelerate knowledge and inform practice on ethical artificial intelligence (AI) in health care.

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Improving mental health care by fighting poverty

This was the first of a five-part series in The Globe and Mail on modernizing medicare considering lessons from home and abroad. Historically, Canadians embraced medicare as part of an effort to separate personal wealth from individual health. But, in defending our rights to enter hospitals without risking financial ruin, did we swallow a bitter…

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Is compassionate leadership an antidote for health care burnout?

Can health care be a toxin for those providing care to others?  The drive for cost savings, the increasing complexity of care, the menace of electronic medical records and the emotional challenges of responding to patient suffering put health care professionals at high risk for burnout.  Today, burnout is common among all members of our health…

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We regularly partner with world-class organizations to bring you exceptional offerings in technology and compassionate care as well as in the history of medicine.

From globally-renowned research institutes and healthcare delivery organizations to leading educational establishments, our partners all seek to improve the state of healthcare by making caring for people its focal point. Together, we offer conferences and events, research funding, scholorships and more.

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