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AMS Announces 2021 History of Medicine Awardees

AMS is very pleased to announce our ten 2021 research grant and fellowship award recipients. The AMS History of Medicine and Healthcare Awards Program promotes scholarship, teaching, and public interest in history of healthcare, disease, and medicine. The Program incorporates 3 types of awards: Post-Doctoral Fellowships of $45,000, Doctoral Completion Awards of $25,000, and Project…

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2022 Funding Opportunities

AMS Healthcare Funding in Compassion and Artifical Intelligence I am interested in a Fellowship I AM INTERESTED IN A GRANT 2021 Fellow announcement Fellowships Program Eligibility Key Dates Testimonials Resources Program Does your work help answer the question, “How can digital technology and artificial intelligence change the healthcare we provide?” If you are early to…

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AMS Announces 2021 Fellows in Compassion and Artificial Intelligence

AMS Healthcare is excited to announce the 2021 Research Fellows in Compassion and Artificial Intelligence. These 12 outstanding individuals, from across multiple disciplines, have been selected by an external expert review panel as leaders and innovators to address the challenges facing healthcare. The “AMS Compassion and AI” program focusses on promoting the integration of digital…

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AMS Healthcare releases: Patient and Caregivers Recommendations on Technology & Compassion During COVID-19

Join AMS Healthcare to help make patient digital interaction with the health system more compassionate, inclusive and user friendly.

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AMS Healthcare and Healthy Debate partner for a special series

AMS Healthcare Special Series with Healthy Debate. Together, we published a series of articles that explore the relationship between technology and compassion in the field of health care today, and especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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AMS Healthcare Announces New Podcast Series

We are announcing the launch of our new podcast series Good Tech, Compassionate Healthcare, that will explore the convergence of technology and compassion in healthcare today. We host conversations between leading researchers, scientists, and healthcare providers as they confront the challenges in our healthcare system, especially in the face of the pandemic. Join us as…

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AMS Healthcare Launches 2021 History Funding Streams

“What lessons can we learn from history to help shape the future of healthcare in Canada?” AMS Healthcare is Canada’s main source of support for the history of medicine, a discipline broadly defined as the study, analysis, and interpretation of past practices, philosophies, and/or epistemologies related to human health, healthcare, and/or disease or the education…

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We regularly partner with world-class organizations to bring you exceptional offerings in technology and compassionate care as well as in the history of medicine.

From globally-renowned research institutes and healthcare delivery organizations to leading educational establishments, our partners all seek to improve the state of healthcare by making caring for people its focal point. Together, we offer conferences and events, research funding, scholorships and more.

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