AMS Healthcare Announces the History of Healthcare 2023 Award Recipients

AMS is thrilled to announce our eleven 2023 research grant and fellowship award recipients joining the collective of over 55 historians that have been awarded since the program’s inception in 2015. The AMS History of Healthcare Awards Program promotes scholarship, teaching, and public interest in history of healthcare, disease, and medicine. It incorporates 3 types of awards: Post-Doctoral Fellowships of $45,000, Doctoral Research Awards of $25,000, and Project Grants of up to $10,000. These outstanding individuals, chosen by an expert review panel, will certainly enhance the impact and value of History of Healthcare research in Canada and beyond, and act as a source of lessons that will help shape Canadian healthcare in the future.

Since the 1970s, and with the help of many partners, AMS Healthcare has worked to elevate the History of Healthcare’s standing in the academic community and beyond. Today, the study is thriving across our country with AMS Healthcare as its main source of support. Our goal is to raise interest in the topic, ensure its relevance, broaden the scope of research, and shape how the subject is taught. Funding is available to researchers, healthcare professionals, and students. The funding for the 2024 awards will open on January 8, 2024, with over 250K available. More information is available here:


Matthew Barrett
Post-Doctoral Fellowship, University of Saskatchewan

Visualizing the Invisible Wound: Graphic Medicine and the History of War Trauma


Jacalyn Duffin
Project Grant, Queen’s University

History of Medicine: A Scandalously Short Introduction


Justin Fisher
Doctoral Research, University of Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan’s Power: Technology, health, and democracy during the Energy Crisis, 1971-1982


Eric Story
Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Brock University

The Great White Plague: Canada’s War on Tuberculosis, 1939–52


Lucy Vorobej
Post-Doctoral Fellowship, The Wilson Centre for Research in Education at the University Health Network & Temerty Faculty of Medicine

"Volunteers Don’t Wear Price Tags”: Compensation Discourses and the Hospital Volunteer in 20th Century Health Care