The Future of Work: Embedding Technology in Compassionate Healthcare

June 15, 2023

AMS Healthcare would like to thank the dedicated healthcare leaders, including the exceptional patients and caregivers, that took the time to participate in our April 25th Conference at the Globe and Mail Centre in Toronto. From the keynote to the panelists to the incredibly engaged attendees, together as a community we dedicated our efforts to addressing the future of work. Central to every conversation were the ideas of compassion and caring. Healthcare is about people and relationships – and technology will fundamentally change those relationships. We are at a crucial moment in technology adoption when we can make choices about how we use these new tools to deepen relationships, creating a better work environment for providers and re-imagining the experience of patients and caregivers.

The proceedings of the day can be found here (download here)

In early 2023, AMS Healthcare worked with the team at McMaster Health Forum on the topic of planning now for the future of technology-enabled healthcare work in Ontario. Some very important insights came from that work that informed our discussions at the Conference. Those insights can be found in the attached Evidence Brief (download here) and Stakeholder Dialogue (download here). A complete set of outputs can be found on the McMaster Health Forum website .

AMS Healthcare will continue to lead the charge on compassionate care through innovation and be a facilitator of these critical conversations.