Creating compassionate communities within pediatrics

This project involved using wearable technology to capture children’s stories of the barriers they face in their daily lives. By capturing their stories in real-time and in their own words, the project provided useful data. That data was shared with rehabilitation and engineering students within virtual reality environments.

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Building Expertise in the Development of a Co-Produced Quality Improvement Health Literacy Initiative in the Acute Care Setting

The role of the healthcare consumer is extending beyond that of a passive recipient of care to an active participant. This participation is described in the literature in a number of ways, including patient engagement, patient involvement and patient-and family-centredness. Nevertheless, patients may not be able or willing to be involved in the provision of…

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Transitional Care for Geriatric Patients in Acute Care

AMS/RNAO Fellow Mindy Lindstedt

Senior Friendly Care is a corporate strategy at Sault Area Hospital and this project will provide me and my team with the opportunity to drive new tactics for senior friendly care in acute care. Evidence-based practice guidelines and methods will be utilised including RNAO Best Practice Guidelines, Quality Based Procedures clinical handbooks, Health Quality Ontario…

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Increasing Communication to Improve the Retro-Transfer Process in Neonatal Care: A Quality Improvement Project

The birth of an infant requiring hospitalization in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) is undoubtedly a stressful experience for parents. Due to the regionalization of neonatal care, most infants admitted to the NICU at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) are acutely treated then subsequently retro-transferred to a lower-level NICU for convalescent care (McCormick,…

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Integrating patients’ voices into health professions education

In her fellowship, Katherine led the design, implementation, and evaluation of a new, bilingual, online curriculum at the University of Ottawa. It provided clinician-educators with information and strategies on how to actively involve patients and their families in health professions education (HPE).

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Engaging clients and families in falls prevention

RNAO Fellow

As a geriatric rehabilitation nurse who is passionate about improving care for my patients, I was excited to begin my fellowship, which focused on engaging clients and families in falls prevention. Falls are the predominant cause of injury for older adults across Canada, accounting for over 85% of all injury-related hospitalizations (RNAO, 2011). Baycrest Health…

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