Enhancing compassionate care training during pediatric residency

Jill Sangha

Award: Phoenix Project Fellowship (2016)

Co-Sponsor: London Health Sciences

  • Medical education and curricula
  • Patient/family/caregiver voices

Through intimate experiences as a social worker, a patient, and as a patient’s parent, Jill came to understand what the patient experience is really like. It motivated her to find ways to bring more social medicine and storytelling into medical training programs. 

Jill’s fellowship implemented a longitudinal curriculum program within a pediatric residency training program. The curriculum enhanced healthcare providers’ therapeutic encounters with patients and families. It included several approaches: 

  • Simulation experiences that develop relational, participation, and advocacy skills that engage patient and family perspectives
  • Discursive teaching that brings patients and families together to share their stories
  • Community engagement and inter-professional engagement projects in which residents conduct street outreach, home and school visits, and counselling sessions

Jill’s project helped residents develop a deeper understanding of the patient/family context and their real-world experiences. She is confident this kind of training advances compassionate care. 

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