AMS/RNAO Fellow Mindy Lindstedt

Transitional Care for Geriatric Patients in Acute Care

Mindy Lindstedt

Award: AMS/RNAO Fellow

Co-Sponsor: Sault Area Hospital

  • Patient/family/caregiver voices

Senior Friendly Care is a corporate strategy at Sault Area Hospital and this project will provide me and my team with the opportunity to drive new tactics for senior friendly care in acute care. Evidence-based practice guidelines and methods will be utilised including RNAO Best Practice Guidelines, Quality Based Procedures clinical handbooks, Health Quality Ontario clinical guidelines, Rehab Care Alliance framework etc. The goal is to work in the theme of “work environments” and coach and support leadership to develop high performing teams that provide excellent care always to our senior population, while developing own skill of change management, leadership presence and increased understanding of senior friendly care in an acute care setting, and to transform care.