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AMS Healthcare Announces New Podcast Series

We are announcing the launch of our new podcast series Good Tech, Compassionate Healthcare, that will explore the convergence of technology and compassion in healthcare today. We host conversations between leading researchers, scientists, and healthcare providers as they confront the challenges in our healthcare system, especially in the face of the pandemic. Join us as…

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AMS Healthcare Launches 2021 History Funding Streams

“What lessons can we learn from history to help shape the future of healthcare in Canada?” AMS Healthcare is Canada’s main source of support for the history of medicine, a discipline broadly defined as the study, analysis, and interpretation of past practices, philosophies, and/or epistemologies related to human health, healthcare, and/or disease or the education…

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Leading With Care in a Technological Age

Join authors Hodges, Strudwick and Martimianakis of the ground- breaking book “Without Compassion There Is No Healthcare” as they discuss the challenges threatening the healthcare system of today and tomorrow.

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2020 History of Medicine and Healthcare Postdoctoral Fellows and Doctoral Completion Awardees

These six talented scholars will assist Canadians in understanding our rich medical history by studying past practices and philosophies related to human health, healthcare, and disease

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AMS announces the release of groundbreaking reports on the future of aging in place

The design of our physical spaces matters more to psycho-social states of well-being than ever previously imagined. This report aims to understand the stock of rental apartment buildings (in Toronto) that qualify as NORCs.

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AMS announces 2020 Fellows in Compassion and Artificial Intelligence

These 11 exceptional individuals, from across multiple disciplines, have been selected as innovators and leaders to steward the changes ahead in healthcare.

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We regularly partner with world-class organizations to bring you exceptional offerings in technology and compassionate care as well as in the history of medicine.

From globally-renowned research institutes and healthcare delivery organizations to leading educational establishments, our partners all seek to improve the state of healthcare by making caring for people its focal point. Together, we offer conferences and events, research funding, scholorships and more.

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