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AMS Announces 2022 Fellows in Compassion and Artificial Intelligence

AMS Healthcare is excited to announce the 2022 Research Fellows in Compassion and Artificial Intelligence. These 13 outstanding individuals, from across multiple disciplines, have been selected by an external expert review panel as leaders and innovators to address the challenges facing healthcare. The “AMS Compassion and AI” program focusses on promoting the integration of digital…

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Longwoods Breakfast Series

Longwoods Breakfast Series with the Chiefs Digital Compassion: Do you have a choice? Watch this riveting panel discussion (Taped on May 17th, 2022). Featuring AMS Community Members: Brian Hodges, AMS Strategic Advisor, David Wiljer, AMS Funding Recipient, Gillian Strudwick, AMS Board member and Moderated by AMS Board Member, Will Falk

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AMS Healthcare Announces New CEO

AMS Healthcare Announces New CEO Gail Paech’s Legacy at AMS Healthcare After ten years at the helm of AMS Healthcare, Gail Paech will be ending her tenure on June 30th, 2022.  In the past decade she has grown AMS from an organization focused on the history of medicine, into one committed not only to broadly…

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Insulin 100 Symposium

On May 3, 2022, The Toronto Medical Historical Club celebrated the 100th anniversary of the discovery of insulin with a symposium. AMS Healthcare was honoured to be one of the sponsors of Banting, Bliss, and Beyond: A Century of Science and Care and of the Historical Workshop on J.J.R Macleod. The symposium was held at…

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Mandatory COVID-19 vaccination in schools this fall? Ontario’s 1982 legislation spurred organized opposition

This blog was written by AMS Healthcare History of Medicine and Healthcare Program 2020 project grant recipient Catherine Carstairs and her colleagues from the University of Guelph. It very nicely supports the AMS Healthcare concept that History of Medicine research can and does act as a source of lessons that shape or inform the Canadian…

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We regularly partner with world-class organizations to bring you exceptional offerings in technology and compassionate care as well as in the history of medicine.

From globally-renowned research institutes and healthcare delivery organizations to leading educational establishments, our partners all seek to improve the state of healthcare by making caring for people its focal point. Together, we offer conferences and events, research funding, scholorships and more.

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