Leading with Care in a Technological Age


Thank you to all who attended Leading with Care in a Technological Age, our virtual book launch event for Without Compassion, There is No Healthcare. 

Dr. Jane Phillpot moderated a panel of authors including, Brian Hodges, Gillian Strudwick and Tina Martimianakis.



Without Compassion, There is No Healthcare

28 outstanding Canadian healthcare leaders confront the challenges threatening our current and future healthcare system. Across a variety of domains, the authors ask, What is compassion?

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Nursing and compassionate care in the age of artificial intelligence

This report outlines 15 recommendations to prepare nurses and nursing students to use artificially intelligent health technologies (AIHTs) to augment the patient experience, while ensuring the delivery of quality, person-centred, and compassionate nursing care.

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AI, machine learning and the potential impacts on the practice of family medicine

Will modern medical technology give physicians more time to focus on the human and healing portion of their jobs, or will it initiate workplace surveillance, productivity measurement, and eventually supplant human physicians? This report sets the stage for leaders in family medicine to prepare themselves, the profession, and their patients for conversations about the changes

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