Nursing and compassionate care in the age of artificial intelligence

Impact of Tech

This is one in a series of AMS-sponsored reports from the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO). Our goal? To inform nurses in all roles and sectors, other health professionals, educators, health-service administrators, and researchers and policy makers about the opportunities and potential challenges of emerging technologies powered by artificial intelligence (AI). 

Globally, investment in artificially intelligent health technologies (AIHT) is predicted to exceed $36 billion by 2025. This trend is due in part to the growing demand from the public for a modernized health system. As the public’s demand for these technologies grows, Canada’s clinical landscape will undergo significant changes that will have a ripple effect across all health sectors and all domains of the nursing profession. Furthermore, it is likely that the nursing-AI interface will create space for non-traditional forms of caring, which will alter the nurse:patient relationship and potentially affect the delivery of person- and family centred compassionate care.

This report outlines 15 recommendations to prepare nurses and nursing students to use AIHTs to augment the patient experience, while ensuring the delivery of quality, person-centred, and compassionate nursing care.

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