AMS Announces 2021 Fellows in Compassion and Artificial Intelligence

AMS Healthcare is excited to announce the 2021 Research Fellows in Compassion and Artificial Intelligence. These 12 outstanding individuals, from across multiple disciplines, have been selected by an external expert review panel as leaders and innovators to address the challenges facing healthcare. The “AMS Compassion and AI” program focusses on promoting the integration of digital technology and compassionate care in the delivery of health care services, education of health professionals as well as facilitating the leadership needed to realize the promise of technology. This year’s 2021 Fellows will join the 10, 2020 Fellows doing collective research that will innovate every aspect of healthcare as we know it. “AMS wants to ensure that healthcare remains compassionate in an era of emerging and disruptive technologies.” says AMS CEO Gail Paech. “The work of these trailblazers will be critical in that pursuit.”

The call for the AMS 2022 Fellowships in Compassion and AI is open November 18, 2021.

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Venkat Bhat
Psychiatrist, St.Michael's Hospital, Unity Health

Evaluating digital interventions to reduce distress among health care providers


Mike Lovas
Director, Design & Innovation, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, University Health Network

Redefining virtual care: co-designing compassion into cancer care delivered at home


Osnat Melamed
Physician, Clinician Scientist, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

Developing a compassionate AI-enabled chatbot to motivate smokers to quit


Sarah Munce
Scientist, KITE-Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, University Health Network

Developing a compassionate online peer navigation program for youth with childhood onset disability


Monica Parry
Associate Professor, Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing University of Toronto

Bringing compassion to a chatbot to help women manage heart disease


Quynh Pham
Scientist, Centre for Global eHealth Innovation, University Health Network

Building a virtual "Caretown" to empower culturally compassionate chronic disease shared care


Bridget Ryan
Assistant Professor, Departments of Family Medicine, and Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Western University

Providing compassionate virtual and in-person family physician care


Raheleh Saryazdi
Post Doctoral Fellow, KITE-Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, University Health Network

Facilitating communication between persons with dementia and their family caregivers through a multisensory virtual reality intervention


Nelson Shen
Scientist, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health 

Imagining compassionate consent for digital mental health services


Azadeh Yadollahi
Scientist, KITE, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, University Health Network

Applying novel technologies to promote compassionate, user-centered, and equitable access to sleep apnea care in people experiencing homelessness


AMS works to advance a Canadian healthcare system through innovation and technology while remaining rooted in compassion and our medical history. We convene networks, develop leaders, and fund crucial activities in medical history, healthcare research, education, and clinical practice. Our work helps improve care for all Canadians. 


The Call for the AMS 2022 funding in “Compassion and AI” is now open with more than a million dollars available.

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