Pham, Quynh

Building a virtual “Caretown” to empower culturally compassionate, chronic-disease, shared care

Dr. Quynh Pham, BSc, MSc, PhD

Award: 2021 Compassion and Technology Fellow

  • Caregiving
  • Chronic Disease
  • Family-Centered Virtual Care

Scientist, Centre for Global eHealth Innovation, University Health Network

Virtual care poorly considers the needs of minority populations, particularly older ethnic adults. Quynh’s project will explore a model of shared care that celebrates the strengths of diverse communities through supporting the enrollment of patient-family caregiver dyads in virtual clinics for chronic disease management. She will co-design new ways for family caregivers to enhance their capacity to care using technology while retaining the cultures of caring that have traditionally informed familial relationships. Her new Caretown framework, product, and services will support older ethnic adults to receive culturally compassionate care, in partnership with equally invested caregivers who have their health at heart.