Monica updated headshot

Bringing compassion to a chatbot to help women manage heart disease

Dr. Monica Parry, MEd, MSc, NP-Adult, PhD, CCN(C)

Award: 2021 Compassion and Technology Fellow

  • Chatbot
  • Digital health
  • Heart Disease

Associate Professor, Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing University of Toronto

Monica has led the development of a progressive WebApp (at heart) for women with heart disease. At heart’s novel core feature set includes a simple interactive text-based Chatbot to manage its content and conversations. Monica’s project will provide opportunities to learn how to integrate attributes of compassion into conversations between Chatbot ‘Holly’ and women with heart disease using the Framework for Establishing Therapeutic Relationships, the Compassion in Healthcare Empirical Model, and the Woebot Therapeutic Bond Model. She will work with a diverse team that includes four women with heart disease and experts in compassionate care, digital health and artificial intelligence (AI).