AMS Announces 2021 Compassion and Artificial Intelligence Grant Awardees

AMS Healthcare is very pleased to announce the 2021 awardees in our Compassion and AI Grants funding program. These nine remarkable individuals, and their multidisciplinary teams, were selected by an external expert review panel. Their work will help transform healthcare by ensuring that technologies are enabling of healthcare’s compassionate purpose.


This innovative grant program will support research, knowledge translation and spread and scale activities. It has been designed to promote collaboration across disciplines and professions, and to engage the healthcare community in the exploration and evaluation of topics related to compassion and technology


“We look forward to seeing the impact these projects will have on this important field of research” states AMS CEO Gail Paech “I am sure that we will see many of these innovators go on to become AMS Fellows in Compassion and AI and truly revolutionize the face of healthcare.”

Aaron Conway
RBC Chair in Cardiovascular Nursing, University Health Network

Automating pre-procedure fasting instruction


Sander Hitzig
Program Research Director, Sunnybrook Research Institute

Developing strategies to make virtual emergency care more accessible for people from under-served communities


Crystal Mackay
Scientist, West Park Healthcare Centre                            

Exploring how individuals with limb loss perceive and experience compassionate care in virtual rehabilitation


Sharon McGee
Medical Oncologist, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute  

Using A.I. to develop a personalized decision tool for managing vasomotor symptoms in breast cancer patients


Melissa Northwood
Assistant Professor, School of Nursing, Faculty of Health Sciences, McMaster University

Creating a compassionate community of digital health care for older adults and their caregivers

Amanda Ratner
Speech Language Pathologist, St. John's Rehab, Sunnybrook Research Institute

Using a tech-based meditation program to reduce depression and anxiety in the inpatient stroke and rehabilitation setting


Alexandre Tran
Clinical Fellow, Critical Care, The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

Evaluating implicit bias with contemporary electronic medical records


More than a million dollars in funding is available on November 18th for the 2022 Compassion and AI funding program including fellowships and grants. For more information: 


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