Ratner headshot

Using a tech-based meditation program to reduce depression and anxiety in the inpatient stroke rehabilitation setting

Amanda Ratner, M.H.Sc. (SLP), MSc, PMP

Award: 2021 Compassion and AI Grant

  • Patient Autonomy
  • Tech-based Stroke Rehabilitation

Speech Language Pathologist, St. John’s Rehab, Sunnybrook Research Institute

Stroke survivors have a well-documented increased incidence of anxiety and depression. Meditation can enhance wellbeing and provide stroke survivors with complimentary treatment alongside usual care and therapy. Amanda’s project will explore the impact of a technology-based meditation program on reducing the symptoms of depression and anxiety and improving quality of life. Using innovative technology that integrates biofeedback to facilitate relaxation, focus and mindfulness, this is a low-cost, easily implemented, and accessible program for an inpatient stroke unit. It has the potential to improve a person’s ability to actively participate in therapy, improve mood, and maximize their potential for recovery.