The Power of Spirit Can Facilitate Healing w/Hilton King


The second episode of “Indigenous Medicine Stories,” showcases the inspiring journey of Hilton King, an Indigenous helper with a vast background in Indigenous mental health, addictions, justice, and child welfare, who currently dedicates his expertise to the Indigenous child and family services sector. As a trained social worker, Hilton humbly shares his personal experience of recovering from addictions through the transformative power of traditional healing. In this episode, he takes us on a profound exploration of Indigenous storytelling and the profound influence of spirit in facilitating healing. Hilton’s authentic storytelling and deep connection to his Indigenous roots offer listeners a glimpse into the resilience and strength that can be found within Indigenous healing practices.

This episode of “Indigenous Medicine Stories” shares insights and inspiration from Hilton King’s transformative journey towards wellness and his unwavering commitment to supporting others on their healing paths.

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Indigenous Medicine Stories
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