Hearing Your Voices Conference Panel 1: The power of lived experience


Data, technology, and digital health are evolving at a rapid pace across the Canadian healthcare landscape. Establishing partnerships and collaborating with patients and caregivers to learn about their lived experience will be essential to ensure compassion is the foundation of a digital healthcare system. In this panel, from the Hearing Your Voices virtual conference,  patient and caregiver partners shared their lived experience, insights, and expert advice on the challenges and opportunities presented by digital health.

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Hearing Your Voices Conference Panel 2: Is technology truly a solution?

Technology is often seen as critical to how health and healthcare evolve. This discussion explored areas where technology may be a good solution, but not the only solution. It also mentions where low-tech options might better serve patients, caregivers, and their healthcare partners.

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Hearing Your Voices Conference Panel 3: Digital Health: How do we get there together?

Concerns have been raised about equity in accessing digital healthcare and ensuring patients, physicians, and providers are supported to partner in care together. This panel explored the challenges and barriers and offered insight and expertise for drivers and solutions.

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Hearing Your Voices Conference Panel 4: How do we make it happen?

This panel discussed the support patients and caregivers need to fully engage with digital health technologies; the support providers need and how we prepare them for digital health technologies, and the leadership required to help us realize this future.

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