The Fine Line Between Traditional Healing and Western Medicine w/ Esstin McLeod


This episode features Esstin McLeod. Esstin (Niganobe), an Anishinaabe Kwe from the Mississaugi First Nations in Mid-Northern Ontario, is a Healer and Medicine Practitioner. She offers spiritual consultations and remedies to Native healthcare centers in Northern Ontario.

In her role as a Medicine Practitioner, Esstin provides plant-based remedies and instructional guidance. As a Healer, she works with spiritual energies, drawing on ceremonial practices and the teachings of Anishinaabe Elders.

With 30 years of study and experience, Esstin has developed a workshop series called “Anishinaabe Wisdom Healing.” She also leads Anishinaabe women’s retreats and healing workshops, utilizing the Medicine Wheel for a holistic approach to health and healing.

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