Nurturing Ojibwe Wisdom through Language Revitalization


This episode features Dr. Wendy Makoons Geniusz, who hails from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and has ancestral roots in the Cree community of Manitoba. Currently serving as a professor at York University in Toronto, Ontario, Dr. Geniusz has been actively involved in projects aimed at revitalizing Ojibwe language and culture in Indigenous communities across the Great Lakes Region.

All of Dr. Geniusz’s publications and research are dedicated to developing tools for the decolonization of Indigenous language and culture, with a particular emphasis on the revitalization efforts. She is the author of “Our Knowledge is Not Primitive: Decolonizing Botanical Anishinaabe Teachings,” the editor of “Plants Have So Much to Give Us, All We Have to Do is Ask” (by Mary Siisip Geniusz), and the author of the Ojibwe plant name glossary featured in the latter publication. Additionally, she serves as the co-editor, alongside Brendan Fairbanks, of “Chi-mewinzha: Ojibwe Stories from Leech Lake” (by Dorothy Dora Whipple).


Our Knowledge Is Not Primitive: Decolonizing Botanical Anishinaabe Teachings –

Plants Have So Much to Give Us, All We Have to Do Is Ask: Anishinaabe Botanical Teachings by Mary Siisip Geniusz –

Chi-mewinzha: Ojibwe Stories from Leech Lake –

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