Empowering patients and caregivers in the era of digital health


This AMS-sponsored report is for patients and caregivers. It starts with the belief that both groups should have opportunities to help design and implement digital health tools. That, of course, requires that patients and caregivers have some basic knowledge of the budding sector to make it easier to work with healthcare professionals on these types of projects. This briefing document will prepare patients and caregivers to participate in shaping the values and meaning associated with incorporating digital health technologies into the Canadian healthcare landscape, as well as defining how that happens.

The report looks at health technologies (mobile apps and wearables, AI, genome sequencing, electronic health records, etc.) to understand their benefits and risks (privacy concerns, equity and accessibility, patient engagement, etc.). It also explores the cultural changes needed before such technologies can be widely—and appropriately—implemented. 

Read it and you’ll be ready to help shape the way we incorporate digital health technologies into Canadian healthcare.

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