crop-Tang Headshot

Using patient stories to explore how big data can be deployed to support compassionate care

Terence Tang, MD, MSc

Award: 2022 Compassion and AI Fellowship

  • Co-Design
  • Health Information System

Physician/Clinician Scientist, Trillium Health Partners

Understanding the “whole person”, including each person’s unique life circumstances (including the social determinants of health), may help healthcare workers provide compassionate care. Healthcare workers now use technology to record this information or predict how these circumstances influence people’s health. But we do not yet know how best to design these tools so that they help healthcare providers provide compassionate care at the frontline. Terence will interview patients about their circumstances, analyze them, and produce stories. Using these stories, he will work with healthcare providers, patients, and technology professionals to understand how best to design digital tools and how they can be used so that these tools can support the needs for the whole person (including addressing social determinants of health) with compassion.