Using digital models and visualization to help patients better understand prognosis and uncertainty

Pencilla Lang, MD, PhD

Award: 2022 Compassion and AI Fellowship

  • Compassionate AI
  • Machine Learning
  • Oncology

Radiation Oncologist, London Health Sciences Centre

Understanding prognosis is important for treatment decisions, life planning, and psychological well-being in patients with metastatic disease. Physicians are increasingly using statistical and AI-based models for prognosis estimates, but these are inaccessible to patients. No models are designed specifically for patient use. How are patient interactions with prognosis models similar or different from physicians? How could prognosis models help or hinder prognosis conversations? How should a prognostic model created for patient use be designed?Pencilla’s project explores the modelling needs and preferences of patients, generates recommendations for designing prognostic models for patients, and develops a prototype for a web-based model.