Nagappa, Mahesh -sq

Using digital care and communications platform in perioperative settings to improve Quadruple health outcomes: Analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) based Informed decisions, risks prediction, and wearable monitoring devices.

Mahesh Nagappa

Award: 2023 Compassion and Artificial Intelligence Grant

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Digital Home Monitoring
  • Wearable Device

Assistant Professor, Western University

When patients are discharged from the hospital after surgery, certain complications can result in emergency department visits and hospital readmissions. Surgical recovery after discharge from the hospital can also pose a challenge to patients and their caregivers. Continuity of care after discharge has been shown to reduce emergency department visits and readmission rates. An improved method of extending the continuity of care into a patient’s home may improve postoperative outcomes. For patients who are at risk, continuity of care with digital solutions offers a pathway to providing more education, influencing behaviour, and creating better outcomes. With a continuous and more complete picture of patient health, caregivers can adjust care plans and proactively engage patients in managing their own care. Mahesh’s project will implement compassionate care using technology and AI-based continuity of care via digital home monitoring to improve postoperative outcomes in patients undergoing thoracic surgery.