Synthesizing health information systems and matters of care: A meta-ethnography on the effects of healthinformation systems on carer identities

Paula Rowland

Award: 2023 Compassion and Artificial Intelligence Grant

  • Health Information Systems
  • Healthcare Workers
  • Meta-ethnography
  • Professional Identities

Wilson Centre Scientist at Medical Education, Temerty Faculty of Medicine,
University of Toronto Scientist,
The Institute of Education Research at University Health Network

Paula proposes to synthesize what is known about impacts of health information systems on healthcare worker identities. Shewill do this through a specific type of literature review called a meta-ethnography. More than a summary of literature, this study will develop new critical insights about the interactions between technology, work, and identity. With these insights, she hopes to shape future research questions and leadership practices in ways that sustain care work in increasingly digitalized environments.