A unique curriculum and practice model for compassionate, person-centered care

Marion Briggs

Award: AMS Phoenix Fellowship (2013)

Co-Sponsor: Northern Ontario School of Medicine

  • Medical education and curricula
  • Self-Identity
  • Work environments

Marion’s fellowship focused on helping clinicians and students value what is “best” according to evidence, and also what is “fitting” based on the unique characteristics of the people and the context in which care happens. Her work also considered what healthcare providers are able to do when they make clinical decisions.  She believes that it’s at the intersection of “best”, “fitting”, and “able” that compassionate, collaborative, person-centred care can occur. 

Based on this model of practice, Marion developed a proof-of-concept, longitudinal curriculum for the psychiatry residency program at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. The curriculum was designed to be resident-led and facilitated by faculty (for all residents, in all years). Marion explored expanding the curriculum to other post-graduate medical education programs, and delivered several local and international presentations related to her work.


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