Coordinating strategies to improve culturally safe Indigenous health services

Lloy Wylie

Award: Phoenix Project Fellowship (2014)

Co-Sponsor: Western University

  • Indigenous perspectives

When she lived in British Columbia, Lloy worked with the First Nations Health Authority to improve health services for Indigenous people. When she moved to London, Ontario, to take an appointment in the Department of Psychiatry at Western University, she found that improving Indigenous services wasn’t a priority on the healthcare agenda. 

This prompted her to apply for an AMS fellowship to better understand how to provide culturally safe care for Indigenous patients in that region. She was particularly interested in several aspects of care:

  • Exploring potential partnerships between the hospital sector and community-based programs
  • Helping hospital staff examine their attitudes and willingness to engage in collaborative models of compassionate care for Indigenous people
  • Understanding the needs of Indigenous patients in priority areas, such as emergency care, maternity care, cardiovascular health, and diabetes programming
  • Developing tools to support change and create compassionate care networks 
  • Creating committees and workplace protocols that encourage staff to provide culturally safe care for Indigenous people

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