Erin Cameron

Learning to Trust: Advancing human-machine trust pedagogies for a technology enabled compassionate workforce in Northern and rural Canada

Erin Cameron, PhD

  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Socially Accountable Artificial Intelligence

Associate Professor of Medical Education, NOSM University

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming patient care through human-machine augmented innovations in Canada. While most AI research has occurred in large urban cities in Canada, there are growing calls to build an AI research ecosystem that is more responsive to the unique needs of rural and Northern Canada. Through a one-year AMS Fellowship, Dr. Cameron will explore the role and underlying mechanisms of trust that have sustained patient-provider relationships in the past and that now need to be animated and understood within a context of patient-provider-machine relationships. Specifically, Dr. Cameron will work with AI-NORTH, an established network of clinicians, researchers, educators, students, policy leaders, and community groups, to host a series of transformative learning activities that will engage diverse voices and perspectives. These activities will focus on amplifying contextual learning and illuminating approaches for advancing a technology-enabled healthcare workforce in Northern Ontario.