Laya Poost-Foroosh photo 300 x 300

Advancing and sustaining person-centered care in audiology

Laya Poost-Foroosh

Award: Phoenix Project Fellowship (2015)

Co-Sponsor: St. Michael’s Hospital

  • Person-centered care

Laya is a practicing audiologist in a private clinic. She’s also a research fellow at St. Michael’s hospital. For her fellowship, Laya wanted to understand—and help overcome—the barriers to developing and maintaining person-centered care in audiology. 

She began by identifying some factors that can complicate the process of developing person-centered care in audiology. Then, she designed an e-learning faculty development module as part of a massive open online course (MOOC). The module is for use in health professional education and practice. It can foster dialogue about the barriers to person-centered care that audiologists and other providers face in their workplaces. It should open up space for individual and systems-level change.

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