crop-Ronquillo profile photo 2022[2]

Identifying patient‐validated compassion and equity concepts in community care clinical notes through natural language processing

Charlene Ronquillo, RN, PhD

Award: 2022 Compassion and AI Fellowship

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Health Equity
  • User-Centered Design

Assistant Professor, The University of British Columbia – Okanagan

In Charlene’s project, she aims to develop and test compassion and equity-grounded natural language processing (NLP) application to leverage otherwise unused community nursing clinical notes. She will develop a dictionary that merges understandings of equity and compassionate care from the perspectives of community nurses and patients who receive care in the community. This dictionary will be used to develop and test an NLP tool that will identify compassion and equity concepts in community nursing clinical notes and explore the prevalence of documentation of these concepts.