J. Shuldiner

From depersonalization to compassion: co-creating better ways to use messaging technology in primary care

Jennifer Shuldine, PhD

Award: 2023 Compassion and AI Fellowship

  • co-create
  • E-Messaging
  • Primary Care

Scientist, Women’s College Hospital Institute for Health Systems Solutions & Virtual Care (WIHV).

Electronic messaging in primary care, whether exchanged by team members, specialists, or patients, can reduce barriers to communication. Unfortunately, they also contribute to burnout and risk depersonalization of care. In this work, Jennifer will co-develop ways of using e-messaging technology to advance (rather than hinder) compassionate primary care with patients, clinicians, and health leaders. She will generate evidence-informed, feasible, scalable solutions that aim to harness the benefits of technology for patients, clinicians, and staff in primary care, while reducing the negative consequences.