Pham, Quynh-sq

Empowering family-centered and culturally compassionate digital healthcare for patients and families living with heart failure

Quynh Pham

Award: 2023 Compassion and Artificial Intelligence Grant

  • Culturally Compassionate
  • Digital Healthcare
  • Family-Centered DyadicCare

Scientific Director and Scientist, University Health Network (Centre for Digital Therapeautics)

Current digital healthcare for heart failure (HF) neglects the needs of an aging and increasingly diverse Canadian population.  Quynh will co-design and test a family-centered and culturally compassionate digital health module (i.e., Medly Caretown) within a standard of care HF digital therapeutic (i.e., Medly). By centering key stakeholder engagement (e.g., patient-caregiver dyads, community and clinical partners, and professional designers), Quynh will co-design, develop, and test the use of Caretown for digitally driven dyadic HF support.