Tina Martimianakis

Enabling compassion in organizational change

Dr. Tina Martimianakis

Award: Phoenix Project Fellowship (2017)

Co-Sponsor: University of Toronto

  • Work environments

Tina studies professional identity and its intersection with how we govern and support educational environments. Her AMS fellowship aimed to understand the unintended effects of organizational change and how health professionals navigate the competing priorities in their work that can lead to burnout and disengagement. 

She created research projects to accomplish several objectives: 

  • Inform the most urgent aspects of today’s workplace transformation
  • Involve patients, healthcare professionals and faculty as compassionate change agents in workplace transformation projects
  • Develop and deliver workshops for faculty and educational leaders to enhance their capacity to lead organizational change with compassion
  • Introduce compassionate care indicators that include faculty, learner, and patient experiences in evaluating workplace transformations  

Tina’s project showed us how well-intended change agendas can include compassion for the people who experience them.

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