Facilitating self-compassion and compassionate care in nursing students

Dr. Lisa-Anne Hagerman

Award: 2018 AMS/RNAO Fellow

Co-Sponsor: Conestoga College

  • Medical education and curricula

A growing concern has been identified within the literature of an increase in frequency of patients reporting a lack of compassionate care. This lack of compassionate care has turned a spotlight on nursing education programs and how they are preparing new graduates to be compassionate nursing care providers. Understanding how self-compassion, person-centred care, and compassionate nursing practice is defined, how they intersect, and influence relational practice, and strategies to support the development of self-compassion in nursing curriculum is the focus of this fellowship.

As a new generation of learners enter nursing programs, educational institutions such as Conestoga College, need to identify strategies that support self-compassion and compassionate care within curricula reflective of a diverse learner population. Through a review of the literature and the creation of a conceptual framework, the goal of my fellowship work will be to focus on the core themes of education and self-identity to deepen my understanding of the barriers and facilitators for the development of self-compassion in nursing students. The literature review and conceptual framework will then guide the creation of a workshop for Conestoga College nursing students and faculty on self-compassion and compassionate care.