Javeed Sukhera Photo 300 x 300

Using unconscious bias research, education, and training to reduce mental illness stigma

Dr. Javeed Sukhera

Award: Phoenix Project Fellowship (2015)

Co-Sponsor: Western University Department of Psychiatry

  • Medical education and curricula

Javeed designed his fellowship to further his work investigating the impact of mental illness stigma on compassionate patient care. He was particularly interested in unconscious bias research and training. Unconscious bias research looks at the attitudes and beliefs we hold that are outside our conscious awareness. 

Javeed conducted qualitative research and designed anti-stigma training and education materials. The training sessions involved physicians and nurses, and were designed to help them become more self-aware. The sessions gave these professionals an opportunity to step back from busy clinical practice to think about care from a patient and family perspective. The training materials included information about the neuroscience of bias and its positive and negative impacts on health outcomes. 

Javeed is hopeful that this work has helped improve provider attitudes, empathy and patient satisfaction metrics.

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