How do we assess the effectiveness of teaching compassionate, person-centered care in medical faculties?

Dr. Ayelet Kuper

Award: Thematic grant (2018 and 2016) and Fellowship (2012)

Co-Sponsor: University of Toronto

  • Assessment and evaluation
  • Medical education and curricula
  • Person-centered care

We expect physicians to serve their patients compassionately and steward our healthcare system. Although we’re starting to understand how to teach these things, we still don’t know how to tell if medical students and physicians have learned them and if our teaching has been effective. It’s tougher to assess abstract competencies (e.g., leadership, collaboration, professionalism) than the concrete facts we’re used to evaluating in medical teaching environments. The goal of this grant was to consider how to make such evaluations. With her colleagues, Ayelet brought this work to undergraduate and postgraduate medical education as well as to medical faculty development at the University of Toronto. It’s part of how we create the compassionate, equitable healthcare providers of the future.

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