Using mentoring to strengthen compassion in primary care

Dr. Arun Radhakrishnan

Award: Phoenix Project Fellowship (2017)

Co-Sponsor: Ontario College of Family Physicians

Arun’s AMS fellowship was inspired by his work as the clinical lead for the Ontario College of Family Physicians’ Collaborative Mentoring Networks program. The program offers mentoring to family physicians so they’re better able to care for patients in their region who struggle with mental health issues, addictions, and chronic pain. 

Arun wanted to use his AMS fellowship to further strengthen the program. First, he focused on understanding how it supported the delivery of compassionate care. Then, he collaborated with regional and provincial partners to increase the network’s ability to support more of Ontario’s primary care clinicians. The final component of his fellowship focused on how to use communities of practice in the mentoring network to develop regional leaders in compassionate care.

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