Amer Johri-600

Developing a digital workflow model to advance compassionate care and provide support to athletes undergoing cardiovascular preparticipation screening.

Amer Johri, MD, MSc

Award: 2022 Compassion and Artificial Intelligence Grant

  • Athletes
  • Cardiovascular screening
  • Sudden cardiac death

Clinician-Scientist & Associate Professor, Queen’s University

Cardiovascular pre-participation screening is universally recommended to identify athletes at-risk for sudden cardiac arrest and other cardiovascular events. Despite the clinical value of this approach, screening can be a daunting process for many athletes, potentially leading to downstream psychological consequences. Currently, the psychological impacts of cardiovascular pre-participation screening are poorly understood, with no formal recommendations to guide psychological care throughout the screening process. Amer’s project aims to uncover the true psychological impact of screening on athletic populations, as well as improve the provision of patient-centred care by developing digital screening tools and psychological support recommendations. Ultimately, this will enhance patient-provider relationships and alleviate the potential for downstream psychological morbidities following cardiovascular pre-participation screening.