crop-Shumit Saha Headshot 2022

Building an automated titration model on the optimization of guideline-directed medical therapy for patients with heart failure

Shumit Saha, PhD

Award: 2022 Compassion and AI Fellowship

  • Compassionate Heart Failure Care
  • Digital Health Intervention
  • Health Technology

Senior Scientific Associate, Centre for Global eHealth Innovation, University Health Network (UHN)

The latest treatment for patients living with heart failure involves a complex medication protocol that aims at achieving target doses of four medications within six months of initial diagnosis. Despite research showing improved outcomes of this approach, less than 10% of patients achieve these targets.  Shumit’s Fellowship will explore the development of a novel Auto-Titration program that enables patients to achieve these doses on time. He will build a faster way of titrating the live-saving therapy for heart failure patients using patient-centered design approach, which will allow patients access to the same quality of treatment regardless of where they live.