Kumanan Wilson

Board Member


Kumanan Wilson focuses on digital solutions in healthcare.  He is also a specialist in General Internal Medicine at the Ottawa Hospital, a Professor of Medicine at the University of Ottawa, and a Senior Scientist at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute. He is the CEO of CANImmunize Inc and is an Innovation Advisor at Bruyere. Kumanan also holds a Faculty of Medicine Clinical Research Chair in Digital Health Innovation. 

Working alongside leading scientists and clinicians, Dr. Wilson’s team has developed a pan-Canadian digital immunization record, a digital comic to teach children about immunization, a stroke-rehabilitation platform, and a mobile tool for Emergency Department clinicians.  His academic work also extends to big data and he is a member of the University of Ottawa Center for Health, Law, Policy and Ethics.

Kumanan’s innovative digital work has been recognized around the world and is changing the way we deliver care. He is a great addition to the incredible network of health leaders that AMS is aligned with.