Dr. George Weisz

Hannah Chair in the History of Medicine at McGill University

In 2002, Professor George Weisz began his tenure as the Cotton-Hannah-Chair. He replaced Professor Don Bates who was Cotton Chair in the History of Medicine from 1971 to 1995 and Cotton-Hannah Chair from 1995 to 2001. Professor Weisz has organized and presented papers in many workshops, seminars, and panel discussions around the world on subjects ranging from medical specialization to spas and mineral waters. He has published extensively on medical ethics, holistic trends in modern biomedicine, and the history of medicine in France. His most recent effort in 2014 was Chronic Disease in the Twentieth Century: A History (Johns Hopkins University Press).

George works with graduate and undergraduate students in the Faculties of History and Medicine, providing seminars, facilitating group discussions, and presenting lectures in the history of medicine. He also contributes to the broader research efforts of the university with a particular focus on Global Health.

Previous Chair: Dr. Donald Bates (1995-2001)