Hannah Chairs

Dr. Frank Stahnisch

Alberta Medical Foundation / Hannah Professorship in the History of Medicine and Healthcare at University of Calgary

2008 to present

In 2008, Frank Stahnisch, who trained as a medical doctor as well as in the history  of medicine and the philosophy of science, was appointed the Professorship at the  University of Calgary.

His expertise lies in a number of areas, such as the history and philosophy of  laboratory-based research in Western medicine, the long history and theory of the  nerve and brain sciences, as well as the history of public mental health and psychiatry.  Stahnisch has presented his work at national and international conferences and is  widely published on the history of experimental biomedicine and the neurosciences.  His most recent monograph is Medicine, Life and Function – Experimental Strategies and  Medical Modernity at the Intersection of Pathology and Physiology (2012).

Frank works with students in the Department of History, Faculty of Arts and the  Department of Community Health Sciences, Cumming School of Medicine, which offer a graduate program in the History of Medicine and Health Care. One of his  greatest forums is the internationally recognized, annual History of Medicine Days Conference, which sees over 300 students from across Canada present abstracts and posters on the History of Medicine and Health Care.

Previous Professors: Dr. Peter Cruse (1995-1998); Dr. William Whitelaw (1999-2008)