Ontario Medical Students Association (OMSA) and the Medical Student Education Research Grant (MSERG)

Ontario Medical School Association

The Ontario Medical Students Association, the representative body for Ontario’s over 3000 medical students, has undertaken the creation of new granting program for medical students participating in high-level medical education research offering the opportunity to apply for funding for a summer research project. AMS has partnered with the OMSA/MSERG to provide four- $5,000.00 research Grants for 2018 (the OMSA/AMS Grant) for medical students who wish to pursue research projects related to compassionate, patient-centred care in two areas of study. The first concentrates on the Patient Focus examining best practices to engage patients and family perspectives in compassionate care, patients as educators and the patient’s voice as a resource for learning. The second area is Provider Wellness looking at curriculum and resources for provider wellness and resilience and/or mitigation of compassion fatigue and burnout in students, residents and practitioners.