Stay tuned for the Hearing Your Voices Conference Report

January 24, 2021

On November 3-4, AMS hosted a virtual conference for patients, families, caregivers (PFC), and healthcare leaders. It did so in partnership with The Ontario Caregiver Organization, The Change Foundation, and the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement.

The reason?

PFC voices have never been more critical. COVID-19 is wreaking havoc on Canada’s healthcare system and we don’t need to wait to understand what’s transpired in long-term care facilities and hospitals. We can learn from PFCs’ experiences right now.

What’s more, the uptake of virtual care has accelerated during the pandemic. But are we doing enough to make sure there’s equitable access to this healthcare technology?

Prior to the conference, PFCs shared their stories and their responses to survey questions in a conference app. This valuable input helped guide the conference’s packed schedule.

During the two days, more than 700 participants logged in to engage with esteemed panelists and explore important questions:

  • When will Canadian patients see legislation guaranteeing unfettered access to their digital health records?
  • Who is slipping through the cracks in our healthcare system?
  • Is it possible to receive world-class treatment but not excellent care?
  • How do we design health information around patients instead of services?
  • If technology does more of the work, will providers have more time to be caring/compassionate?

The conference’s powerfully emotional stories and salient outcomes are being crafted into a call-to-action report that will land in early 2021. Be sure to check back then.

If you attended the conference, we’d love to hear from you! What was the most important point you took away?

If you didn’t attend, check out some of the recorded sessions here:

Panel 1: The power of lived experience

Panel 2: Is technology truly a solution?

Panel 3: How do we get there together?

Panel 4: How do we make it happen?